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Pizza and Paper Planes

Pizza and Paper Planes

Who would be crowned the Paper Plane champion?

On Friday 10 March, the Wilson dads and kids got together for the annual Pizza and Paper Planes competition. While there were smiles on the faces and happy greetings were given between dads and kids, you couldn’t help but feel the pressure that the night brought with it… who would be crowned the Paper Plane champion?

We started with a feast of pizzas on the grass outside the gym.

Have you ever wondered what 90 pizzas looks like, or smells like? Well, one of our dads, Arion Lee, sure knows. Once again, he volunteered to be our Domino’s delivery man for the evening and has the persistent pizza perfume in his car to prove it!

We than made our way indoors for the real fun. David Montgomery led us in prayer and explained the rules for the evening. I’m sure the whole of Wilson would have heard the sigh of disappointment when we were told that this year scrunched up balls did not count as paper planes.

Ready, set, go! Dads and kids were carefully sculpting planes, calculating drag and measuring the perfect angle to create lift. Test flights were taking place and final adjustments were being made.

Then it was time for the heats. Each year group had two throws, with the furthest throw being marked out by a cone. Some planes soared, some darted, others gracefully landed right at our feet. When a new competitor took the lead, there was cheering and celebration and everyone congratulated our winners for each heat.

Finally, the moment that many of the dads had been waiting for… the dad’s competition! No trophy was needed. We all knew that the greatest prize was earning those ‘dad points’. Those amazing points that can’t be cashed in for anything but are treasured so highly! If I am not mistaken, Scott Kuipers (Head of Technologies and Arts Rehoboth Secondary) took the win for the dads.

It was a great night, and it was encouraging to have such a strong turn out from our dads and students. We are thankful to God for the wonderful community we have at Wilson and the opportunities we have to connect together. Thanks again to David and Arion for all their work in helping to make our night so enjoyable.

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