Penguin Island Field Trip: Year 8 Geography

As part of our study of land forms in Year 8 Geography, students had the privilege of travelling to Penguin Island

Penguin Island is off the coast of Rockingham, almost an hour’s drive south of Perth. Fifty-four  students and staff travelled by ferry parallel to a ‘tombolo’ – the sand spit that runs between the island and the mainland. We met the resident Little Blue penguins in the display centre. We searched all day for some ‘in the wild’ until some intrepid and very patient girls found one peeking out of a burrow.

Exploration of the ocean side beach meant that some of us came away a little damper than we began the day. The craggy formations created by God using the wind and waves were varied and composed of some crazy shapes, including a channel carved by water.

Mr Peletier lead several groups of students on a trek over the rocks near some little cliffs to get a close up view of some caves.

Others of us hunted for sea lions in the caves used by a squatter to live in for a number of years. His well and some of his shelving in the caves still exist. The pelican ‘nursery’ was stinky and well populated.

The top of the sand dunes were windy but gave us a great view over the bay and the other geographical features we had been looking for.

Lunch led to a great game of beach cricket, some dance moves, and seaweed hunting despite a little rain.

The weather had threatened to shower us with thunder and lightning, but God answered our prayers for fine weather. While we could see thunderstorms to the north and rain to the south of us, the island was bathed in blue sky for most of the day. Even the wind and the waves obey Him!


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