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Pandemonia and da Vinci in the LEX@R Classroom!

In Week 3, a group of students began work in the LEX@R classroom by visiting the fictitious planet of Pandemonia and helping to write their national song, describing the wondrous lives of those who inhabit Pandemonia! Some of the performances were very adventurous!

Last week we spent a day in Fremantle, exploring the machines, drawings, and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. Many of them we were able to try out and see how they worked. Some of us particularly enjoyed Archimedes’ screw – an invention from the ancient world used for pumping water uphill and revived by da Vinci in true Renaissance fashion. Did you know that he designed a helicopter, a bicycle, the differential for a car, a paddle boat, and an armoured tank, as well as painting some very famous paintings?? He was fascinated by the power of water, the wonder of flight (particularly birds), and the use of light and perspective in art.

We also had the privilege of participating in a walking tour of Fremantle with Mike Lefroy from Museum without Walls. He is a direct descendant of C.Y O’Connor and walked us through both the beginnings of the settlement here in WA and the important work done by his great-grandfather in constructing a harbour at Fremantle and the Kalgoorlie pipeline. It was sad to hear of some of the pressures and personal struggles that one very clever and energetic man endured while leaving our State with an incredible infrastructure that has seen it through another 100 years of development. Both these men had incredible foresight and problem solving skills.

Thanks to those parents who accompanied us on the day and made our day possible!

Mrs Dalais

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