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Our Amazing New School Buildings

How exciting it was to start the new school term with brand new buildings and playgrounds to enjoy.

Tuesday morning saw lots of excited Year 1 children and their interested parents entering our new classroom for the first time since it had been fully setup. There were comments such as, ‘It’s like a lovely home’ and ‘What a lot of space!’

The children spent some time choosing whether they would like to sit on a regular chair or try a wobble stool for the day. They then moved on to enjoy building with the brand new wooden blocks, completing floor puzzles, playing with Australian puppets, drawing at the new tables or reading on the comfy couch and cushions in the book corner.

There is an amazing amount of storage in our rooms and in the mornings the light floods in the large windows and doors. Our withdrawal room is shared between two classrooms and currently has a shop and home corner set up for the children to enjoy and learn in. This space is also available for small group work.

Come recess time, the students were very eager to explore their new playground which includes a digging area with a tunnel, a creek bed, an undulating grassed area and a soon to be finished fort. There are chalkboards, garden beds and a gate to the Kindergarten and Pre-Primary that can be used for weaving on.

On Wednesday afternoon our class loved joining with the Year 2 class to work on their Project-Based Learning task, as we have done throughout the year, but this time we were able to use the brand new STEAM rooms with their purpose-built work benches. This is going to be an amazing space to use for PBL sessions.

So here we are, having spent our first week in the new Primary buildings at the Kenwick Campus. What a blessing it is to have lovely new rooms and playgrounds and for the Primary School to be back together on one site for the first time in many years.

Soli Deo Gloria

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