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One Hundred Days of School

It was a fun day to come to school dressed as 100 year olds and spend time exploring the number 100.

What an exciting day we had in Year 1 Blue (Kenwick) early August. It was such a fun day to come to school dressed as 100 year olds and spend some time exploring the number one hundred, as we celebrated having been at school for 100 days this year.

A few of our early years classes at Rehoboth have enjoyed similar days recently celebrating being ‘100 Days Smarter’. 

As part of our celebration, we played games with a 100 chart and dice, drew what we might look like at 100 and wrote sentences about this, many of which included that they would have grey hair and use walking sticks. We also made sculptures with 100 cups. This was trickier than first thought and the students found that they needed to use a lot of care when placing cups onto the sculptures. After lunch, we played a relay game with each team having to transfer 100 balls from one container to another over a distance of about 20 metres.

The Thread we have been considering at school over the last few weeks is “Sharing Stories” and together we enjoyed a Mem Fox story called Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Partridge. This is a beautiful story about a young boy who helps an elderly, almost 100 year old neighbour regain some lost memories and it allowed us to think of ways to care for those around us. 

Our Thread for the coming weeks is ‘Growing Gratitude’ and as part of our 100 days celebration, we also spent time considering the blessings God has given us this year, including each other. We have recorded some of these blessings on a poster and will continue to record more until we have at least one hundred listed.

It was a fun day and one in which we could engage in a number of activities to celebrate and be grateful for having been at school for one hundred days this year.

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