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Old MacDonald’s Farm Comes to Kindy

Old MacDonald's Farm Comes to Kindy

At the end of Term 3, Old MacDonald’s Travelling Farm came to visit the Kindy students at the Wilson Campus.

Throughout the Term the students had learnt about farms. Some of the things they learnt included:

  • food that comes from plants vs. food that comes from animals;
  • how different fruits and vegetables grow;
  • where eggs, dairy and meat products come from;
  • how people process crops to make new foods; and
  • how food gets from the farm to our tables.

We also wondered how farms work, and why they are important. A misconception the students had was that farms are places where animals live. They were so surprised to find out that some farms don’t even have animals! During this part of our inquiry, students learned about:

  • the purpose of a farm;
  • where farms are located;
  • what the role of a farmer is;
  • the names of different farm animals and crops;
  • the needs of different farm animals and crops (food, water, etc.); and
  • the tools farmers use, such as tractors.

It was wonderful to finish off our inquiry with a visit from Old MacDonald’s Travelling Farm, where the students had the opportunity to feed and pet the animals. The animals loved all the attention and the students had a ball too!

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