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Observers, Thinkers, Questioners, Researchers: Pre-Primary Students Ponder God’s Creation

It has been a wonderful start to the year with the Wilson Pre-Primary students

We have already learnt so many new things and discovered some exciting areas in our classrooms and playground.

Pre-Primary children have enjoyed play-based learning and multi-sensory experiences while we have learned our new sounds of the alphabet. We have had spaghetti, apples, popcorn, naughty noodles, marshmallows, and rice-bubble treats so far! It is always exciting to see what our ‘mystery’ box or Parcy the parcel are hiding! It could be ‘wet’, ‘squishy’, ‘slimy’, or ‘YUMMY’!

As part of our integration of our Biblical Threads we have been ‘Pondering God’s Creation’. Students have been exploring themselves and how God has created us as unique individuals. We have been specifically looking at and developing our inquiry skills and have become ‘observers’. We have been exploring the big question, ‘Who am I and where do I belong?’ This forms part of our Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).

So far, we have discovered that we are children of God, we are friends, we are observers, we are thinkers, and we have also discovered that we are questioners!

Sometimes observing something leads to questions. This happened when we found an apple growing on our apple trees at school, but something had made a hole in one of the apples. The students had questions about, ‘Who tried to eat the apple’ and, ‘Was it a bird?’

This led us to become researchers, and so we went to the library to find some books about birds and what they eat.

We have also been discussing our emotions and five senses. We have participated in guided investigations and made observations using our senses. This week we have crushed different herbs and flowers and added them to playdough, painted with spices, made ginger-bread men, and played musical instruments. We have had many discussions about what senses we use for the different activities.

In our numeracy lessons, we have been developing our counting skills and learning about a number line. We are now learning numbers from 0-20, and the order in which they go. It was lots of fun hanging the number clothes in order on our washing line, and learning what number comes before and after.

The highlights of these first few weeks have been our Edu-Dance lessons and going to the library for the first time. We can’t wait to share all our learning with you!

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