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Nine Little Chicks

Our Kindy students have had the opportunity to look after nine little chicks for the past two weeks in our class. It was very exciting watching the first little chick hatch from its egg – there were shrieks of joy and happiness in the classroom!

The students were able to spend time watching and observing the chicks’ growth over the two weeks and they noticed how quickly they grow in such a short period of time. They also noticed how the chicks’ feathers had started changing and how their cheeping got louder! The students learnt how to care for newborn chicks and that they also need food and water to survive.

The students particularly enjoyed the times when they could take the chicks out of the brooder box and get to hold them. During these times they did an observational painting of the chicks and learnt about the different parts of a chick’s body.

What a wonderful experience it was having the chicks in our class, the students loved it and were very much engaged with the whole experience.

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