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Newton House Makes History

A piece of Rehoboth history was made today as Newton House won the 2017 Primary Swimming Carnival. For many years the Newton team has watched on as their counterparts held up numerous trophies, but finally it was their turn, edging out Tyndale 1048 to 1034. Wycliffe rounded out the table with 988 points, making the Carnival a closely fought competition. In the pool, students competed in 50m races to determine the age champions as well as 25m freestyle, 25m backstroke and team relay events. There was a great turn out of students and parents – thank you to everyone who was involved, and congratulations to Newton House!
Year 4 Girl Ella Young  Izelke Nagel  Adele Olde 
Year 4 Boy Micah Radford  Andre Burger 
Year 5 Girl Olivia Seet  Rebecca Morling 
Year 5 Boy Akira Hunter  Elijah Hunter  Shem Radford 
Year 6 Girl Ellyssa Klomp  Clarissa Sandjaja 
Year 6 Boy Lewis Kik  Isaac Kuilenburg 

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