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A New Perspective on Community: Leonora Mission Trip Day 3

Day 3 saw the team begin their week-long “Mega Maker” program. For most, it was their first experience in this sort of environment and they had to learn to adapt and make things work. However, the whole team rose to the challenge to make the day a success.

Completely different from Sunday. We saw it coming but obviously not physically ready for it. I was on morning bus duty so I was the first to experience… the children.

However, It was early in the morning so it wasn’t that noisy. In fact, they were all well behaved on the bus (I was warned that they liked to jump out the windows). I’m not exaggerating when I say everyone knows where everyone lives. In terms of community, Perth falls far behind. In the gym where we were running the program, I was in a group with the Year 4/5s and all of them were really shy and quiet, which was completely opposite to the Year 6 group.

We sang, we watched a skit that wasn’t really planned out well and we did crafts, although I didn’t join since I’m terrible with art. Afterwards was the drama which went horribly. Everyone said we went great and that they didn’t notice but basically, lines were forgotten which meant a lot of awkward improvisation.

Lunch and dinner were great! What I love about this trip is that there’s always leftovers meaning I have seconds, thirds, fourth and so on. It’s pretty much an “all you can eat” meal for me. Shanae, Brody, Tim, Anandi and I kicked a small rock from the gym to the sports club building which shows how imaginative we are with entertaining ourselves.

Jason Angajaja

Monday bus duty wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be. The kids told us where to go and who to pick up. Everyone in Leonora knows everyone else and where they live. Most kids didn’t get on the morning bus because they were asleep. I was with the green group (Year 2/3s). They were the most hectic group and hardest to control. They were shy to begin with and fairly uncooperative.

After singing and the Bible skit we had morning tea and braided Irwin’s hair, but he didn’t like it so he took it out. Then we did crafts where I met a super cute kid called Phoenix and we made a ladybug at one of the craft tables.

During our second session I had fun with Dalia, Quinton, Josiah, and Laquesha and I realised that they don’t know how to share so we worked on that. We also played with some blocks and I met a 3 year old boy called Israel. In the evening sessions we watched a movie and the kids really wanted my jacket because it was pretty cold. At the end of the movie Gilleroy, who was sitting with me, woke up and we saw them off on the bus.

Praise Akinpelu

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