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2015 NAPLAN Results: Wilson Primary

Recently, the results from the Year 3 and Year 5 NAPLAN tests were sent home to parents. It is pleasing to see the school mean is above, and in most cases well above, the National average (which is itself above the State average). This year’s results were also an improvement on last year’s, which were also above both the National and Stage average.

Year 5

A comparison with National benchmarks and the NAPLAN Year 5 standards indicates excellent Rehoboth results, with a mean well above the WA and National Schools Means in all areas tested. Compared to the State means, Numeracy (+39), Grammar and Punctuation (+67), Writing (+33), Spelling (+72), Reading (+59) were all strengths.

Year 3

A comparison with National benchmarks and the NAPLAN Year 3 standards indicates extremely strong Rehoboth results well above the WA and National Schools Means in all areas tested. Compared to State means, Numeracy (+91), Writing (+20), Grammar (+61), Reading (+64) and Spelling (+71), with Numeracy in particular showing a solid foundation in their learning.

These results are of great encouragement to the staff as we been analysing and targeting areas that need additional activities and sessions. It indicates that our whole school spelling program is an effective learning system and our new Stepping Stones Mathematics program is assisting teachers to deliver a consistent approach to the Australian Mathematics curriculum.

NAPLAN student testing continues to be a useful tool in informing teaching and learning for teachers. Despite the reservations that many hold about NAPLAN testing, we see this assessment, from an independent source, as useful for assisting teachers by providing in-depth information. This data informs teachers of individual student and cohort/class growth, gaps and what needs to be addressed for progress. It also aids us in building an accurate picture of each student’s literacy and numeracy levels.

At Rehoboth, we delight in seeing children’s progress and celebrating success. We are pleased to see the excellent results in all areas that were assessed. Many traits of a successful learner and, more importantly, a follower of Christ are not tested by NAPLAN or other formal examinations. Concerning Literacy and Numeracy, NAPLAN is only one form of assessment and parents should be aware that students are constantly being assessed in a variety of ways, as feedback for their continued learning. All children are made in the image of God and as such have gifts and talents and character qualities that cannot be measured in testing such as NAPLAN.

Mrs Nixon

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