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Mystery Solved

Mystery SolvedThe Wilson Pre-Primary students have engaged in a mysterious investigative journey all of Term 2. It all began one day at the beginning of the Term, when we discovered footprints and a big mess in our classrooms and kitchen as we came back inside from recess.

We collected the evidence and became detectives and forensic scientists as we examined each clue that was left behind and made conclusions about out visitor. The visitor came back to our classrooms on several occasions during the term leaving behind paw prints, fur, chocolate wrappings, honey trails and written notes. We also searched for and compared information on the Internet and in books, and finally we agreed that our visitor is most likely a white polar bear.

We were all very eager to meet our mystery visitor and wanted to ask him many questions, so we left a note out in the classroom inviting the visitor to come along to our class party on Thursday 2nd of July.

You wouldn’t believe it! The mystery visitor did turn up to our party on the day, and it really was a friendly white bear. He stayed for a while answering the questions we had for him, but then he had to rush off as he had to travel back to the North Pole before the ice melts. We had so much fun at the party, we were really glad that our visitor came and joined us.

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