Music is Child’s Play

On Tuesday 17 May, the Wilson Kindy and Pre-Primary students joined together to engage in a musical extravaganza. Child’s Play Music provided an exciting and educational hands-on music incursion. Mr Duncan brought 60 handmade musical instruments for us to play with and explore.

We performed as an orchestra and learnt that orchestras have a “boss” called a conductor. The conductor uses his baton to tell the orchestra how to play. We all enjoyed playing the musical instruments. However, some of them were very loud! Not all of us enjoyed the loud noises.

“I liked the tube that you hit with the thongs. I was playing with a drum and I liked the drum” Zawadi

“I like the violin and the drum. It was noisy”Annabel

“I liked playing with the big instrument. It had pipes and you had to use a thong with it. It made noise”Braden 

“I liked the pole, I hit it on the mat” Jeremy 

“I liked the drums outside because they were loud”Jemima

“They were loud. I liked the drum. It made different noises”Tyler

After our incursion we enjoyed playing music all over our playground. Music can be played on our bodies, on poles and on trees. We enjoyed painting, and drawing ourselves playing our instruments.

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