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Medieval Day with Year 8 Students

We attempted some communal prayers and singing, like you might find in a medieval monastery.

On a chilly, blustery Friday, the Year 8 students clustered together around fires and tables to enjoy Medieval Day. As part of the History curriculum, students prepared a rabbit and vegetable stew. They baked bread and made butter.

Later in the morning, we enjoyed a variety of medieval crafts and skills; embroidery, calligraphy and heraldry, gargoyle making, beeswax candle making, stone masonry, hand woodwork (congratulations to Luke who completed a mini chessboard), chain mail construction (harder than it looks) and of course, mock sword play.

We were very privileged to have Mrs Foster come and do a demonstration of how stained-glass windows were made and to have Mrs Heggers organise our mini stained glass windows and heraldry artwork. Over lunch, while trying to stay warm with our stew and mulled apple juice, we attempted some communal prayers and singing, as you might find in a medieval monastery.

Honourable mentions go to Callum, Luke and Nicolas who monitored fires and cooked stew all morning and to Izelke and Rachana for washing up the big pots afterwards, and to a diligent group of boys who walked all the tables back to the gym at the end of the day. Thank you to all the many staff and volunteers who gave of their time and skill to help the day run smoothly.

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