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Mathspace – Transformative 20 Awards

What is Mathspace?

At Rehoboth, we have been using Mathspace for the last four years. It is an online adaptive mathematics program that supports and extends the work that students do in class. The program is sometimes used in the class setting but is most often used for revision of tasks at home. Students can also challenge themselves and find areas that interest them to extend their own understanding.

Mathspace uses algorithms to check students’ understanding of a mathematical concept. It reviews works done and can set and adapt tasks so that they are either harder or easier. It also highlights areas where consolidation is needed and provides online lessons and examples for students to work through.

Transformative 20

The Mathspace Transformative 20 is a national awards program designed to celebrate exceptional students and teachers.

Each year, Mathspace selects 20 students who have shown a real commitment to their own development, as well as the development of others. They look for individuals who reflect their core values.

This year, both David Cook and Michaella Mamhute were selected as a Transformative 20 winner! Winners were selected from over 8,000 teachers and over 300,000 students in Australia.

Get to know - David Cook


I am 10 years old this year and I am in Year 5. I felt incredibly surprised when I found out I was selected, and I did not even know there was such a thing as being in the top 20 for Mathspace. My favourite part about Mathspace is challenging myself to get all the questions in a topic correct. I’ve learned that nobody can answer every question correctly in Mathspace, and to keep on persevering even if you do not complete a goal on the first try. When I think of Mathspace, the 3 words that come to mind is Educational, Mathematical, and Challenging.

Parents’ Comments
Mathspace has helped David improve his ability to solve word problems, knowing how to find the relevant information and use it effectively to find a solution. David has always enjoyed building things, particularly Lego and other construction activities. When he’s excited about what he’s learning, his enthusiasm is infectious, and he will explain everything to us in great detail.

Get to know - Michaella Mamhute


I am 11 years old this year and I was born in New Zealand. When I heard that I was selected out of more than 300,000 students, I kind of had a mini heart attack, but I was really proud of myself. My favourite part of Mathspace is the addition and subtraction and maybe the fractions. I have the option when I’m home to either choose to do Mathspace or not. I choose to do it. The best thing that I learnt from using Mathspace is determination, motivation, and perseverance. I had the goal to finish the Year 6 curriculum and I managed to complete it by the start of the second semester. When I think of Mathspace, the 3 words that come to mind are some parts are Challenging, some parts are Easy and Stressful at times.

Parents’ Comments
Participating in Mathspace has improved Michaella’s problem solving skills and drive for engaging in self-directed work. Michaella is a kind and compassionate child. She will help out in any way she can around the house and also enjoy playing games with her older brother and younger sister.

Congratulations to both David and Michaella on this huge achievement!

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