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Maths Meets Family Feud

The last 90 mins of Term 2 were action-packed in the Secondary School!

The Year 12 Maths Essentials class turned an assignment on surveys into a Family Feud House Competition.

The questions and surveys were designed by the class, which made the results all the more interesting. With their teacher, Mr Niles, presiding as host, the entire student body came together during the last two periods on Friday to see which House would be victorious. Students and teachers alike had a great time, especially at the close of an atypical semester.

Some of the students who were behind the scenes of the Feud had this to say:

‘It was hard work, but it was worth it in the end’ – Jake

‘It went exceptionally well, with the participation of all the students making it that much better’ – Anandi

‘It brought unity to the school in a friendly and fun competition’ – Bethany

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