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Lunchtime Activities Help to Build Christian Community

Lunchtime Activities Help to Build Christian Community

Year 11 students from Kenwick invaded the Wilson Campus at lunchtimes recently to teach Year 4-5 students about God and have some fun with them.

As part of their Christian Studies program, the Year 11 students used their God-given gifts to teach the Primary students a new skill and make a connection that would leave a lasting impression. For a number of weeks, the Year 11 students planned and prayed about what they could do with the Primary students and what they could share with them about the Christian faith.

Activities were a bit crazy! For some groups, this involved jumping through hoops or kicking a soccer ball around the gym. For others, it meant decorating biscuits or painting a mini masterpiece with watercolour. A smoking drum showed that Science experiments at Rehoboth can rival a Mythbusters episode. Finally, a spelling bee competition and music tapping challenge captured the students’ attention. One of our College’s Biblical Threads and goals is ‘relishing play’, having fun together while learning and growing.

Alongside this is an intentional desire for Secondary School students to be examples and heroes to our Primary students, and to develop a sense of community between the two campuses. Apart from the fun activities, they also shared about their own Christian faith journey with the kids, reminding them that it is Jesus that is the most important person in their lives. Our desire is to build a Christian community that reflects God’s love and for our older students to learn to serve others and to practise giving away what they have been learning.

For Rehoboth, the students are on a journey of growing in their relationship with God, discovering their gifts, and finding avenues to use those talents to serve others for the glory of God. We want our students to leave Rehoboth with a clear sense of who they are in Christ and with an ability to walk in God’s call for their life ahead.

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