Living Things: Years 1-3 at the Zoo

In Science, Year 2 students have been looking at living things

What better place to explore this big idea than at the zoo!

We were excited at being able to see the amazing animals that God has created. Creation is another topic we have also learnt about in Christian Studies, so it was a fantastic opportunity to study the careful way God created animals.

On 21 September, students in Years 1-3 had a fabulous excursion at Perth Zoo. We left school at 9:00am on the bus. The bus ride is always an exciting part of an excursion! When we arrived, we ate a quick recess as we were so excited to head off and explore the zoo.

Some of our highlights from the day included seeing the komodo dragons. Many of the Year 2 studnets loved the snakes in the Reptile Enclosure, and the Nocturnal House was also a favourite. The monkeys were popular, as was the red panda.

Some of the girls were treated to a shower from the elephants, who were spraying water from their trunks. Many were thrilled to see the baby giraffe. The red-bottomed baboons always make children laugh and the slow-moving tortoises were incredible to watch as they lumbered around their enclosure.

After a time of exploring, we met back together to share some lunch. Then it was back to observing more of the animals in the short time we had remaining. We were very blessed that many of the animals were out in their enclosures during the day. We were also very thankful for all of the parents who volunteered their time to come and help us on the day. The day was a great success as we learned more about God’s amazing creation.


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