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Literature Appreciation at Kenwick Primary

The goal of our Literature Appreciation Program is to expose students to the delights of literature by reading and exploring books in a fun and hands-on manner.

As part of Bookweek, many students participated in the City of Gosnells poster competition.

Bookweek 2015 Poster Competition Winner
Congratulations to Isaac for winning a prize in the Year 1 division!

This year, 37 of our students entered a book in the Children’s Book Council of Australia Make Your Own Storybook competition.

Bookweek 2015 Storybook 001
All students are to be commended for their outstanding effort in creating their book.
Bookweek 2015 Storybook 002
Storybooks made by Rehoboth students!
Bookweek 2015 Zoobots 001
The Year 1 class have been enjoying picture books by the author/illustrator, Bruce Whatley.

Bookweek 2015 Zoobots 002

The book, Zoobots, was the inspiration for them to create their own zoobot from recycled materials.

Bookweek 2015 Zoobots 003

Bookweek 2015 Zoobots 003

The Year 2 class are currently exploring fairy tales. After reading the Emperor’s New Clothes they decided to make their own clothes for the Emperor and they created some very interesting outfits using toilet paper!

Bookweek 2015 New Clothes 004

Bookweek 2015 New Clothes 003

Bookweek 2015 New Clothes 002

Bookweek 2015 New Clothes 001

After reading the short story, Smart Ice-cream, by Paul Jennings, the Year 3 class created their own “smart ice-cream”. The jury is still out as to whether their ice-cream has worked for them!

Bookweek 2015 Ice-Cream 002

Bookweek 2015 Ice-Cream 001

The students made new houses for The Three Little Pigs

Bookweek 2015 Little Pigs 001

Bookweek 2015 Little Pigs 002

Bookweek 2015 Little Pigs 003

The Year 4 class greatly enjoyed decorating “Dots” – little annoying characters found in the Emily Rodda novel, The Key to Rondo. Their “Dots”, however, ended up looking kind of sweet!

Bookweek 2015 Dots 002

Bookweek 2015 Dots 001

Bookweek 2015 Dots 003

The Year 5/6 class created storyboards for the Morris Gleitzman novel, Once. The novel generated an enormous amount of discussion as it sensitively deals with the issues related to the Jewish Holocaust, as experienced by 11 year old Felix.

Bookweek 2015 Once 002

Bookweek 2015 Once 001

Mrs Crosby

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