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Lines: Year 12 Student Poem makes Primo Lux

Joslin’s poem “Lines” was recently chosen from amongst Year 10-12 students entries from all over WA, and has been published in Primo Lux, a prestigious anthology of poetry. Here is her entry:
Lines mar his skin, the ravages of time
trace jagged patterns across his aged face.
His once proud, youthful confidence, sublime,
stolen by society’s inexorable chase
after ephemeral physical perfection.
Gleaming hair, glistening teeth, glowing eyes,
the perfect figure and smooth complexion.
Society’s dreams are all but a guise.
For behind those weary faces lie more
than what the world has can ever perceive:
Untold stories of love, pain, laughter, war.
Hearts that have lost, loved, suffered and grieve.
See me for more than my face
his eyes scream.
Before life becomes nothing but a dream.


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