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Light from Dark: LEX@R Students Go Medieval with House Darksun

On 20 March, Year 5-6 LEX@R students were surprised and thrilled to discover that, as part of their Medieval unit Light from Dark, they would be learning to sword fight, make chain mail and cheer for their champion swordsmen.

House Darksun were on hand for an afternoon of fancy footwork and to help with the careful handling of small rings to make the chain mail links. Our guests from this volunteer club of Medieval combatants were so patient with us as we all learned new skills.

This semester, we are investigating the Middle Ages and discovering that while many considered this the “Dark Ages”, there were many beautiful things created and discovered. Students have had fun dressing up in Medieval costumes as they investigated a Medieval figure. We have looked at timelines and compared an individual timeline to another aspect of history. We’re even making our own 9 metre timeline!

We have looked at the Bayeaux Tapestry, learned its history of the Battle of Hastings, and are giving the art of tapestry-making a go! For some students, this is the first time they have ever threaded a needle! While some have commented that they wouldn’t want to do it as a job, others have enjoyed the patience that needlework entails – and makes us appreciate the great artworks so much more.

Who knows what other light we will discover in the dark?

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