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LEX@R Students Respond to God’s Creation with Psalms

Bubble Neblua (NGC 7635)

Our learning extension students have recently been working on writing psalms as a response to God’s astronomical creation. Here are three of them:

Mighty creator,
My position too small to comprehend
How you made the earth from end to end.
I look to the stars, the planets, the sun
And see you shining out to me
You are continuously the Lord, never are you not.
You creations are great, praise you I can’t stop.
Every breath I breathe is meant for you,
Mighty Creator, praise you I will do.

Rabecca Hulston


Dear Lord and Heavenly Father,
You created all the layers of the atmosphere, which is huge beyond compare.
You designed the earth and made it inhabitable.
Creating each different layer of the atmosphere uniquely.
Thank you God for your amazing creation of the atmosphere
Which without it we couldn’t survive.
How amazing is our creation Lord!
When we look up to the sky,
We see a huge space, which is not empty,
But full of your creation.
Our actions now realise how amazing You are,
And how worthy you are to be praised
Our planet was chosen by You,
To be created by you uniquely from any other planet.
This planet was chosen to be full of life,
Only our planet.
Thank you God!

Hannah Beaney


I praise you God; How wondrous you are!
How great are you, that you know each star by name.
You hung each star in its place and built its bridge of light from it to us.
How great are you, that you made the wonders of the sky. You created the sun, the moon and stars and all beyond in but a single day.
Compared to your creation, we are but a speck. Compared to You, we are nothing.
How can we give back all you gave us? How can we thank you?
We have only our hearts, Lord, which we give completely to you.
We will forever sing “O how great are you, creator of the stars, How wondrous is your creation!”
Take my singing hear Lord, so that it may serve you.

Eve Gibbon

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