Leonora 2021 Day 6: Community in Focus

Day 3 at the Detective Agency!

Who is the promised king, the child of Eve and of Abraham who will come to defeat sin and death and make us friends with God again!?

Day 3 is always the hardest day, energy levels are waning and tiredness from the week is setting in. To counter it we got the team together just before the kids arrived and Mrs Taylor and Allira encouraged our team to give it all, to leave nothing left, and to show these kids the love of Christ. They responded with such a fantastic show of energy and enthusiasm across the morning, I could not be prouder of this team and the way they have banded together to make each session happen. Here are some of the experiences of Jean Jack and Amy from Day 3 of the holiday club:

I started off my day today as the mysterious crow. I talked about Adam and Eve committing the first ever sin because of their mistake. This made God very sad and disappointed. I also asked if God would still love us when we sin. Later, I proceeded to explain why God still loves us all because we are His creation. There was a detectives play that talked about Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and how He loves us very much. Later in the day, we had small group time and the kids were really engaged in the program. Many of the families came to the community night to join in as we played tons of games. We played tin can knockdown and ball pong to challenge the parents. Dancing Daniel led us through songs. Then we gave the parents a taste of what a day of our program looks like. We ended with some tea and games to get to know the community better and then we all went home.

Jean Jack

The week has almost come and gone. Here we are on the second last day of the trip, tired but still going. The day was full of kids going crazy doing crafts, doing songs and just running around non-stop. They loved doing crafts, making little monsters, painting and tie-dying their shirts. The kids are still trying to guess who is going to save us from our sins in the drama, and today we got some more clues from the Roman Soldier who burst out of the Bible. The question we are all asking is, who will this person be? The community night was lots of fun (and hectic), kids running around everywhere and parents enjoying the games with their kids. After the games, everyone had a drink and cookie and the whole gym was packed with kids playing with their balloons. Community night came to an end, and we all went back home after making up gift bags for all the kids and playing a few games as a team in the Rec Centre. We are all desperately tired but excited for our final day of the program tomorrow!

Amy Fleming

Today there were some wonderful stories shared about conversations had with kids about who Jesus is, how we find out more, and how we could become a Christian. Please pray for even more opportunities on our final day, that we can connect kids to Christians in the community, and that the LORD will grow the seed we sow.

Mr Taylor


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