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Leonora 2021 Day 5: Smiles All Around

Day 2 at the Detective Agency!

Today the kids picked up more clues about the man who defeated death, finding out more about God’s promises to His people. It is wonderful to see parents who came to the program when they were young bringing their own kids along, the legacy of the past 30 years evident in their continued support and engagement in the program.

Alexandra, Malia, and Ellysa shared the following from their experiences today:

There aren’t even enough words to explain the amount of fun we had today.

From the talk times and crafts to the water fights and sports, everyone had a blast. We started off with a great devotion that really explored and delved into the topic of discipleship and then we went off to the Rec Centre. We did lots of the usual activities, with small group times and dramas, singing songs and interactive games. One of the activities we did was pour smarties and 100s and 1000s onto some trays to help us think of the descendants that Abraham would have had. The kids were really engaged, and they loved the puppet shows. They loved their crafts and the Kindy to Year 1 group LOVED covering their spy binoculars in jewels and bling. Some of the leaders had their faces painted and the designs from the kids were amazing.

For me, it was so encouraging to see the kids getting involved, enjoying themselves, and developing deep relationships with different leaders. They are starting to really catch on to the theme that we are trying to teach them, and they are engaging in the Bible lessons. They start to mention God in their conversations, and they really want to know more. It was a whole new experience when some kids asked me questions, but I loved it and I really was blessed by this opportunity.

During the craft activities, I was blown away by the talent of many of the kids. They became so focused on what they were creating, and the results were very impressive. Many of the kids had lots of energy and were constantly excited and crazy, but during the arts, everyone relaxed.

The leaders who managed the talk times and puppet shows did a brilliant job in creating an engaging, fun environment where the kids were able to feel involved and confident. It was very lovely to see kids remembering what they had learnt and answering questions because it gave the leaders motivation to continue their teaching as it was resulting in a good outcome. When questions were answered correctly the leaders would hand out tickets to win a prize – a couple of kids answered questions beautifully and with detailed answers. During the sports all the kids were able to run around and use all their energy, many young boys and a couple of girls played footy.

There was not a moment when someone wasn’t smiling.

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