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Leonora 2021 Day 4: The Detective Agency Opens

Day 1 at the Detective Agency!

Today was the first day of our bush mission program and we were full of anticipation, apprehension, and excitement. We started the day with a devotion about cultivating thankfulness and praying together before we set off for the Rec Centre. Today’s mission, to start uncovering the evidence that would lead us to discovering the Man who defeated sin and death and can make us friends with God! Below is a collection of thoughts from Jacqueline, Sadie, Seth and Jess on Day 1.

First day of the program: what a journey! We kicked off the day with a bright and early start at the Recreation Centre to set up and prepare for the kids to come.

We watched the play with the infamous Constable Clooney and Detective Duck, singing multiple songs and dancing. The talk time, done by the Kindy to Year 1, took us through the story of creation and fall through actions. The little kids really loved the puppets as they summarised the story. After that, we broke off into small groups where we got to know the kids personally.

Two groups then broke off into the Rec Centre and the oval. At the Rec Centre we had little kids at a bunch of different stations, making bracelets, colouring-in, face painting, and building blocks. This was a nice chill time to hang out with the kids and get to know them. It was also nice to interact with kids from different age groups.

On the oval, we played multiple games and got to speak to the kids through sports. We played volleyball, soccer, and AFL and we could see these kids use their natural talents.

Later in the day, we prepared some popcorn to watch The Prince of Egypt as we hung out with the kids. Although popcorn ended up everywhere we got to talk personally with multiple kids about how much God was evident through the story within the movie. Throughout the movie, a little girl had multiple questions about God and the plagues. The movie created a means of talking in which this girl finally said ‘You know what, after this movie, I think I’m going to believe in God’.

It’s been amazing to see in each of the age groups on this first day that God is working in these kids through us.

After the Monday Movie night, Jess, Amy, Seth, Sam, and Allira accompanied John the bus driver to drop off the children. The bus was crowded and very VERY loud. As the journey began words were muffled by other voices and nothing was really in order, but as the ride went on it got quieter and more coordinated, and the children would tell us stories and made the bus ride more enjoyable. New bonds were formed with many of the kids. It was an enjoyable experience.

Jacqueline, Sadie, Seth and Jess

Please pray for us as we head into day 2 that we can build on the relationships that have been formed, that we have opportunities to share the gospel with clarity, and that hearts will be changed. Also give thanks for the opportunities we have had so far, the great support we have in the local community, and for Sam and Kev (and Mrs Classen) for the phenomenal food we’ve enjoyed each and every day!

Mr Taylor

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