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Leonora 2021 Day 3: Church and Setup

Leonora 2021 Day 3: Church and Setup

We have an amazing group of students! They have been working tirelessly, humbly, and with phenomenal team spirit. Whether it is volunteering to clean dishes, seeing a need and offering to help, stopping a game to come and carry heavy boxes, these students have acquitted themselves well and we are looking forward to the rest of the program. I am particularly impressed by how clean our kitchen area is after two days of use by thirty-odd people without a cleaning roster! Below are some reflections on the day from two of our students.

Today was a good day, filled with fun activities and preparations for the big day tomorrow. We kicked off the day with a round trip to the rocky Tanky Hill. We trekked to Leonora Fellowship Church, not far away, and shared a few songs with the congregation. We learnt some of their songs as well and heard a great message from Pastor Boyd. We went down to the Rec Centre and had BLTs for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon setting up stations and the area of the hall for the kids tomorrow. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the company of lots of friends, working together for a purpose. With the help of some killer tunes and in-between games, we think we have just about set the hall up for what we hope will be a great program tomorrow.


Today was very busy! After church, we headed to the Rec Centre to set up for tomorrow. Tables, tarps, and backdrops to be set up, streamers to be hung, balloons to be blown, scripts to last-minute memorise… it was tiring, but worth it to be ready for tomorrow. I’m so excited!


Please pray for us tomorrow as we open the doors to kids and get stuck into the first of four full on days of serving the children and community of Leonora.

Mr Taylor



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