Leonora 2021 Day 2: People and Culture

In our planning for this mission trip, we wanted to emphasise the importance of not only going to share the good news but also going to learn from the people of Leonora and their culture. Today was something we were really excited about as we had an opportunity to go out bush with Fifi, a local who has helped and had kids in the bush mission program for many years. We hoped that our students could learn about the local indigenous culture and take away some practical tools for living off the land. Today turned out to be an excellent precursor to the program and hopefully equips our students that little bit more for the week ahead.

Mr Taylor 

Here’s what Aliza and Zoe had to say about the day:

Today was our second day in Leonora. We had a relaxed morning before hopping on the bus to go to Fifi’s house. As soon as we arrived, everyone was squealing because of Fifi’s six puppies running around in her front yard. After everyone had their puppy fix, we walked around her property and learnt about different types of plants, bush tucker, and bush medicine. We then went on a short bus trip into the bush to look at rock holes and markers left by her people.

After this, we got to meet Happy the joey. Fifi was taking care of her and her two brothers, so she brought Happy to meet us. We all got to hug Happy and pat her. Then, it was time to cook lunch. We went to a nice, clear spot and got onto making some fires for our barbeque cook-up. While the fires were burning, we went out to get some water from the root of a water tree. Once we all quenched our thirst, it was time to cook up the sausages and damper. Even though some of the sausages were a bit burnt and some of the damper was a bit raw, it was delicious and very filling.

We then came back to the sports centre for a break before going to Gwalia, a ghost town near Leonora. Gwalia had cottages and houses that we could walk through which were left just how they were sixty years ago. After Gwalia, we went to the recreation centre to start setting up for the holiday program. We then had dinner and played some games before coming back for a relaxed night.

We ended the day making some memory markers of our own as we started our students on their nightly journaling process. A time to reflect, remember, think about the week ahead, and commit things to the Lord in prayer.

Please pray for our team as we join the local church tomorrow, set up and rehearse for the holiday program and go into the week.

Mr Taylor


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