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Leonora 2021 Day 1: The Journey Begins

A long 12-hour journey. We arrived at Rehoboth at 7:45 in the morning and left for Leonora at 8:15am. Our first stop was at Northam and we headed to Tammin Roadhouse for morning tea. We skipped lunch at Merridin and headed to Southern Cross for a toilet break. Kalgoorlie was our last stop before Leonora, and we had dinner at Maccas. Then we went to the Recreation Centre at Leonora to unload the bus and lugged ourselves to the Sport Centre for a ‘good night’s sleep’. This was a great first day.

Sam and Sadie

A tiresome 12-and-a-half-hour drive in the bus to Leanora, arriving finally at 8:45pm. We had numerous stops including lunch at Southern Cross and dinner in Kalgoorlie. The tired, dried landscape continued most of the way. The patterns on the back of the chairs in the bus became as familiar as the back of our hands. However, the drive was a good time to chat with friends and relax. It was well worth the drive now that we are up in Leonora.


The long exhilarating bus trip was a memory that we will cherish forever, making and creating closer friendships with one another. We were all psyched to leave Kenwick Rehoboth at 8:15am and straight away we were blasting some great tunes. We were going strong listening to some amazing bangers and then after about 3.5 hrs we all crashed, and the music turned off. We headed to Maccas in Kalgoorlie where we got as many monopoly stickers as we could to try to win a car (we didn’t win ☹). 

We then all gathered back on the bus heading straight to Leonora where we would go to the Rec Centre to unpack. We had to get into a line and pass all the bags down because we were told it was way more efficient than walking. We headed to bed after playing some footy at night, then woke up at 5:30pm with a lot of excitement. We played some footy this morning feeling pumped for the GRAND FINAL as Melbourne will hopefully win a premiership.

Lewis, Devann, and Ben

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