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Learning to Lead: Leonora Mission Trip Day 4

Day 4, and the team are getting into the swing of things. What they’re learning about leadership, community, meeting the needs of others and sharing the gospel will be invaluable.

We woke up this morning to a beautiful song from Avril (I didn’t know what was going on because I was half asleep). Miss Webster shared devotions with us and we sang songs together. I loved the songs we sang (“Desert Song” and “Grace Alone”).

After that we started the morning activities with the kids for the second day. I was put on the spot to make paper boats with the small groups and it actually turned out great. I really connected with the kids, which made me feel great because I came here to do God’s work so that was pretty great.

After dinner we went to pick up the kids (it was my turn on the bus). It was quite different and I got to see where the kids live which made me feel a bit sad to see some of their living conditions – it does give me motivation to put in the effort to make the time we have with them fun.

We got to the centre and we ran a games night. I was running one of the games that I had created and it was great to connect with more of the kids. After everything finished my voice was almost gone from all the shouting. All in all the day went pretty great. Looking forward to the rest of the week!

P.S. Also, today I realised that there is a shop right next to the centre (Mr Taylor had been keeping this a secret) which has made me very excited to buy a fizzy drink.


The morning started with singing from Avril, although many of us were already awaiting the sound of her voice. Our morning routine went as normal with breakfast and then getting ourselves ready. Miss Webster gave us a lovely devotion about the great things that God can use us to do whatever the circumstances. We then set off to the Rec Centre.

We started with small groups, which got a little out of hand, but we quickly moved on to many songs with the big group. We watched many skits throughout the morning, learning about having faith in God. We then had small groups again and then morning tea.

After morning tea, we did many crafts. I lead the butterfly making table which went very well. The morning session ended with more songs as the kids left. In the afternoon we had time to come back to the sports club.

We then had to go back to do the afternoon session. I was painting emojis on kids the whole time. In the late afternoon we had lots of free time to stay in the Rec Centre until the kids came again for our games night. We relaxed by listening to music and playing different games together as well as just discussing life. The games night was very enjoyable for everyone. I lead a balancing competition. Many of the kids enjoyed the night which made the whole day worth it.


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