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Learning and Fun with this Thing Called Water

This Term in Year 2 we are investigating “This Thing We Call Water”. In Science and Humanities, we have been brainstorming all kinds of questions which we would like to find answers for.

In Week 2 we started our investigations. We all wanted to know what shape and colour water was and how come these seem to change? When we experimented with the shape of water we made lots of discoveries. In our small groups we made predictions and tested them by pouring water into lots of containers of all different shapes and sizes. We found out water has no shape when it’s in a liquid form, instead it takes on or borrows the shape of the container it’s in.

In Week 4 we made models of the water cycle, observing and recording all that we saw. We even labelled our diagrams with big new words like “evaporation”, “condensation” and “precipitation”.

We still have lots of questions about water and would like to continue some of our investigating at home. We would like our mums and dads help us to explore websites like ABC Splash. We would like to visit our local libraries so we can explore different informational texts and resources on water so we can share what we find with our classmates.

As we explore the properties and usefulness of water we want to think about how God’s handiwork shows His love and provision for us and ask ourselves the question, “How are we going to respond to Him and His wonderful creation?”

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