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LEX@R: Fibonacci, Frobenius, and McNugget Math

LEX@R Year 5-6 170810 005b

The Year 5-6 Learning Extension @ Rehoboth (LEX@R) class believes if Math is the problem, then Food is the solution!

As we introduced our new unit, “Maths, Musos, and Masterpieces” LEX@R students have been stuck into some unusual problems.

For instance, what can you do if you need to order 43 McNuggets, but they only come in packs of 6, 9, and 20? It was necessary for us to partake of a few McNuggets ourselves to discover that 43 McNuggets is the Frobenius Number for the combination of 6, 9, and 20 – that is, the highest number that cannot be made with these specific groups.


LEX@R students have also played a little “Get to Know You Math Bingo”, in which we discovered that 3.14… was a clue to Mrs Vivian’s favourite food, and having a 3:10 ratio of pets to animal legs meant you might have 2 dogs and a bird, or 3 dogs, two of which have 3 legs!

Students are now examining the Golden Ratio, based on an understanding of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers and how we see this ratio and pattern in common items in nature including pineapples – yet another food!

We can’t wait to discover more of patterns God has placed in our world and the beauty Maths brings to art and music.

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