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KodeKLIX Brings STEM into the Classroom

The Year 5/6 classes at Kenwick have been blessed to use the new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) kits designed in a partnership between KodeKLIX and AISWA.

KodeKLIX is a teaching system developed in Australia and designed to address a range of STEM curriculum and reporting requirements. Students learn programming and electronics skills in a fun and easy-to-use way that helps them understand how things work in the real

Coding is in BLOCKLY, a visual coding language by Google, that allows “blocks” of code to be dragged, dropped and edited. Electronics is mastered with snap-together components, much the same way that Lego blocks snap together.

Students have had a foray into circuit building and coding. They have learnt to problem solve, work together, teach each other and persevere with tasks, as failure is always a possibility. Thanks to the support of Peter Crosbie and Jan Clarke (AISWA), Nick Coplin (KodeKlix) and our very own Mr Beattie for helping us get set up and using this exciting technology.

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