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Kenwick Year 2’s Wonderful Start to the Year

This year has just started, and we have already begun to learn lots.

We were all looking forward to a new school year when COVID-19 threw us a curve ball. So, when we finally made it back to school, it has been a busy but wonderful start to the year.

During our first week, we spent time getting to know each other, made connections with new classmates, and completed some assessments before moving forward in the school year.

As part of our Christian Studies program, we looked at the beginning of the Bible with an in-depth study into Creation. There were certain characters from the Old Testament that we focused on as well.

Maths helps us see the order and beauty of God’s creation and God Himself. One of the student’s highlights, so far this year, has been maths groups. Currently, the students are working in 3 groups and we rotate through a series of fun hands-on activities. We have learnt many new maths games with a strong focus on place value and have increased our fluency in addition and subtraction number facts. Our maths sessions often finish with some maths challenges on the interactive whiteboard or we sing some songs that help us learn skip counting.

A huge gift God has given us is the gift of language and words. As such, reading is an important area of focus in Year 2. The students were very excited to be able to make use of the computer bank. Additionally, they have been able to access Reading Eggs for one of their reading rotations each week. While focusing on reading fluency, reading comprehension forms an important part of our reading program. We also want our students to develop a love of reading. At the end of the day, they enjoy sitting on the mat whilst listening to a story being read out loud to them.

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