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Iron House 2019

Wycliffe defends their Iron House title!

During Form time on Thursday 28 February, the Secondary School gathered on the oval to battle it out for Iron House honours. We broke into three groups: Years 7-8, Year 9-10 and Year 11-12, and rotated through 4 challenges:

  • Tyre Flip Relay – a team event of stamina and speed
  • Flag Grab – for the quick and agile
  • Tug of War – the ultimate battle of house strength
  • Fly – for the leapers and jumpers

Our three Houses competed fiercly but there could only be one Iron House for 2019. Wycliffe defended their title with Newton and Tyndale taking out 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

House spirit has certainly grown in the high school over recent years. The Iron House Competition was evidence of this. Competitors, spectators and staff cheered for and supported their ‘house mates’ with much gusto. It is great to see this spirit of unity flourishing at Rehoboth. Congratulations to those who gave it their all, and to those who nearly lost their voices encouraging and spurring them on.

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