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Investigating How God Is Our Master Creator

The children in Miss Ku’s Pre-Primary Blue class have spent two terms exploring our bodies, discovering parts of ourselves and being in complete awe of God who created each part of us!

We read the Bible about how God created us and talked about different parts of our bodies. We looked closely and compared ourselves with our friends, spotting similarities and differences! We also learnt about our early warning signs. We learnt that early warning signs are ways our body tells us that we are scared. We played a “Pop-Up Pirate” game – it was fun, but some of us felt nervous and our early warning signs came up! Here’s what we observed about our early warning signs:

“I covered my face!” – Annabelle
“I felt like there were butterflies in my tummy” – Dorcas
“I put my hands in my mouth (biting my nails/fingers)” – Thalia
“I covered my ears. And there were butterflies in my tummy!” – Tashlyn
“I had my hands on my ears (covering them)” – Charlotte
“I screamed” – Jessica
“I screamed too!” – Ibrahim

We explored where God has placed us

He has placed us in our family, school and community. We discovered what makes a family and read in the Bible that we are a part of a bigger family community – God’s family! We’re so blessed to be called God’s children and to have so many brothers and sisters because of Jesus!

We read a story about Jesus healing ten men who had a skin condition called leprosy. Annabelle asked “What is our skin for?” What a great question! The children came up with some ideas: “I think the skin helps us move” – Gianna “The skin helps to move the bones” – Ibrahim “So that it can protect us from hurting ourselves. If we trip over we will hurt more if we don’t have skin” – Jessica “So we won’t have blood everywhere” – Ameera “Our skin protects us from bees” – Tashlyn “God gave us skin so we won’t look all silly!” – Ziva (Ziva then drew a picture of a person completely covered blood, without skin!) “So we don’t see our bones. Because we can’t see our bones” – Chance “Because if we don’t have skin, we will be all boney. And we will look like a skeleton. And we will look scary and people will not play with you” – Dorcas “So our blood doesn’t drip” – Eli “So that blood doesn’t come out of us!” – Elaina “Because we will be pretty with skin and we won’t look nice if we didn’t have skin because we would just look like a skeleton” – Charlotte

We also had other questions

“What is in our body?” – Jessica “What does a brain look like?” – Ziva “If we don’t have hands, maybe we can use a robotic arm?” – Ibrahim “Did God give us a heart to love other people?” – Tashlyn “Why do we have lungs?” – Charlotte We discovered so much about our body in Semester 1 and we are so amazed at how creative, clever and powerful God is! He made us all so beautiful and unique. God is our Master Creator!

"Great are the works of the LORD, studied by all who delight in them" - Psalm 111:2

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