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Inventions and Inventors: Year 6 Science

On Friday, 22 July, the Kenwick Year 6 class went to Sci-Tech so that we could become motivated and excited about our project-based learning topic, Inventions and Inventors.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our guide, and taken into the main exhibition hall. There were so many different exhibits explaining science and technology inventions and innovations. All activities were “hands-on”, so we spent an interesting hour looking at exhibits, pushing buttons, and exploring how things worked. I was impressed with how many of the students took what they had learnt in Science at school about potential and kinetic energy and related this knowledge to describe how different gadgets worked in the display area.
We then went into the theatre to watch a show called “Maths and Explosions”. This show was very noisy, and we had to block our ears many times to drown out the explosions. It was exciting to discover that Maths is used to work out the trajectory of things that will be exploded.

Next we visited the CSIRO laboratory, where we dressed up like scientists. We learnt about acids and bases and then conducted experiments to determine whether different substances were acidic or basic. We used a universal indicator solution to do this.
Lastly, we re-visited the theatre to watch the “Things that Glow” show to learn about luminescence. It was especially interesting to learn about ultraviolet light and how it made certain colours glow.

Our day was extremely interesting and the students were all very well behaved. They worked well together and included everyone in their activities.

Here’s what some of our Year 6s had to say:

“I enjoyed working in the science lab because the experiments we did were lots of fun” – Namwemba Hamukale

“I really enjoyed learning about all the different types of energy and how they are applied to our everyday life” – Victor Komaiya

“I really liked the time we spent at Scitech because the exhibitions were all really fun. The ultraviolet lights and explosions really caught my eye!” – Ian Lim

“I really enjoyed the ‘Things that Glow’ show. We got to see what glows on our clothes and accessories. I also liked the science lab because we got to do different experiments that involved acids and bases” – Tana Nyaruwata

“My favourite part about Scitech was the free time in the exhibitions and the ‘Maths and Explosions’ show. The presenter lady exploded a bottle of liquid nitrogen, which sent foam balls flying everywhere! It was totally awesome!” – Tristan Blok

“My favourite part of the excursion was the ‘Maths and Explosions’ presentation. The fireball was AMAZING!” – Daniel Wilkinson

“Some things that I enjoyed at Scitech were the lab and the shows we saw. I liked the CSIRO lab because I enjoyed mixing all the chemicals together to see what reaction would happen. I I also enjoyed the two science shows we saw. I loved watching explosions! Overall, I loved our trip to Scitech” – Tayla Whittle

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