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Indonesian Students Visit Rehoboth

On the last week of Term 2, we had the pleasure of having fifteen students from BPK Penabur Kota Wisata in Indonesia visit our school and stay with some of our Rehoboth families. Throughout the week the students attended a range of Rehoboth classes as well as visiting some of Perth’s famous tourist attractions. Some students have summed up their time with the Indonesian students below:

“The first time I met them, I felt intimidated, but as the days went by we have all grown together and learnt from each other. I have cherished the moments that have been shared with these wonderful Indonesian students. Shoutout to Nathanael and Gabriel for being ultimate house guests and teaching me how to beat box.”

Gloria Kennedy

“I loved having them here as they immediately felt part of the Rehoboth family”

Theo Kurnadi

“It was awkward at first, but by the first night we were all extremely close. Everyday with them was a blast and I am really upset that they are leaving so soon. It’s really hard to put into words the past week and what an amazing experience it has been for everyone. I have made so many great friends and memories that I will cherish forever .”

Shona Bonnington

“We have thoroughly enjoyed having the company of the Indonesian students. Those Rehoboth students who are visiting Indonesia in September, are excited and looking forward to the reunion. We will spend a day at their school and hang out with them.. Having them has been a wonderful experience which many look forward to doing again. Leaving them will be difficult but we know we will keep in contact with them all and even have some other students visit us in the years to come and thus strengthen the bonds between our two schools.”

Heleema Rawlings
Viola Moro

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