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Penabur Students visit the Secondary School

In Week 8 of Term 2 a group of students from our sister school Penabur in Indonesia visited the Secondary School. Before they arrived, they had spent a week at Phoenix Academy to develop their English language skills. When they were with us, the eight students were guided by their Year 11 buddies. The week was very eventful and memorable.

Posters with the faces of the Penabur students were stuck to every window in the school before they arrived. Each day someone prepared an Aussie snack so that they could taste a variety of Aussie food for a week. They ate lamingtons, fairy bread, honey joys and Tim-Tams. They even tasted vegemite at Cadets! Hot dogs, soda and milo were sold on Wednesday to fundraise for the 2019 Year 11 Mission Trip to Indonesia. Everything sold out and some people ended up eating bread with just onions and sauce.

On Thursday, a Multicultural Dress Day made us aware of the diversity of our school. The Family Feud skit, prepared by Years 10-12 made everyone laugh, while the Open Mic Session at lunch time showcased the talent of all the students. The Penabur students took the opportunity to perform a traditional dance, which was very impressive.

On Friday, the Penabur students and their buddies went on an excursion to Gombok Gallery Sculpture Park, where we admired the exhibitions and then played hide and seek chasey. Our farewell dinner, a delicious BBQ bash, was held at the Nathans’ with Rehobothians contributing towards the meal.

The week was enjoyed by the Penabur students as well as students from Rehoboth. Here is what some said:

“So much prep was made to make their visit a memorable one, and we achieved! If I could do it again, I would! I can’t wait for the next year’s BBQ bash ahahaha’ – Prischilla

“It was so fun, let’s do it again!” – Sara-Jane

Thank you to the many who contributed to make everything happen, we appreciate all the support and effort!

Till next year!

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