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If Water Falls from the Sky, How Does it Get to My House?

If Water Falls from the Sky, How Does it Get to My House?

'If water falls from the sky, how does it get to my house?'

Brainstorming, Predictions and Discoveries 

In Year 2 we have been learning all about water and the water cycle. We had many questions and decided it would be a great idea to put them up on our Wonder Wall. We have been slowly working our way through answering as many of questions as possible before the end of Term 1, even taking some home to investigate with our mums and dads!

One of the questions we asked in class was, ‘If God made the water, how does it get into our taps and into our home?’

We brainstormed and made predictions about the possible stages and the journey water might take to get to us. After investigating different text, charts, and drawings on what we already knew, we created a flow chart. By cutting and arranging puzzle pieces in the right order and labelling them, we were able to show how water makes its way to and from our taps, and eventually ending back in the environment as part of God’s amazing system, the water cycle.

We are really enjoying making new discoveries. Especially when we have some many questions which still need answering!

Our curriculum focus has been on identifying the stages that water goes through from the water cycle to the tap and demonstrating science understanding by creating a labeled flow chart and diagram.

Biblical Perspective and Curriculum Links

We focused on understanding how God is the source from which all our needs and blessings come. Our learning took in many aspects of the Curriculum:

Questioning and Predicting: 
Pose and respond to questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events.

Planning and Conducting: Participate in guided investigations to explore and answer questions with the use of simple information sources.

Processing and Analysing Data and Information: Use a range of methods to sort information into graphic organisers through discussion, compare observations with predictions.

Science as a Human Endeavour: Describing everyday events and experiences and changes in our environments using knowledge of science. Identifying and describing sources of water.

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