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How Did it Get to Me? Investigating Needs and Wants in Year 2

During Term 2, Year 2 students investigated how some of the needs and wants within their local communities were generated and what goods and services were being produced and used to meet them. Students looked at the flow of production and processes which brought these goods to their personal consumption.

The Christian focus of the project: God provides because He loves us and wants us to flourish despite our sinfulness. He is the ultimate provider, who gives us the means by which our needs and wants are met.

The beginning of Term 3 was used to consolidate the learning of “How Did It Get To Me?” Students were given the opportunity to develop agency and expand and apply their knowledge of the connections and processes which link our communities. Through Project-Based Learning and engaging in critical thinking, students worked collaboratively to define, discover, choose, dream, design and deliver a real-life product of their choosing.

Students brainstormed the resources they would need and the steps of production necessary to create the good.

They created a brand name and then a product name, and then used skills of production to manufacture their good as well as to create suitable packaging, tags and labels for the sale of that product.

To wrap up their learning, each group reflected and shared their successes and the ways they could improve their manufacturing process and the goods they had produced. They worked collaboratively to create a short presentation to promote their product. Students could choose to use any of the art forms of drama/skit, music or visual art for their promotion.

The products chosen by the class groups to manufacture were:

How does a book get to me?
Project: Creating a book
Brand name: Super Stories Publishing
Title: The Knight Saves the Day

How does ice cream get to me?
Project: Creating ice cream
Brand name: Yum’s Ice Cream
Products: Caramel Choc; Berry Good Sorbet; Mango Delight Sorbet.

How do shoes get to me?
Project: Creating pet shoes
Brand name: Happy Paws
Product: Tara Dog Shoes

How do blankets and rugs get to me?
Project: Creating a woollen blanket
Brand name: Outdoor Life
Product: Picnic Blanket

Learning Outcomes

Biblical Understanding: God’s Provision is because He loves us and wants us to flourish despite our sinfulness:

Literacy: Creating persuasive text; expressing and information; using text-collecting and organising information; oral language – communicating, expressing, listening and sharing ideas.

Maths: Measurement; using mathematical skills and concepts; capacity and length, spatial awareness

Humanities: Environment – resources, society and culture/systems and processes. People and the environment are interrelated and communities contain a number of facilities for the provision of goods and services which meet our needs and wants.

Art: Producing art for a purpose and responding to art; use of visual art elements and techniques to create 2D and 3D artwork; developing skills, experimenting with mediums, processes and techniques.

Technology and Enterprise: Design and production skills; use of tools, materials; people design and produce familiar products to meet local community needs.

21st century learning skills: Critical thinking and problem solving; generating agency, creativity and ideas; planning and organising, management skills; personal and interpersonal skills (collaboration)

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