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Having Fun with a Folk Story

Having Fun with a Folk Story

Term 1 in Year 2 presented us with many first-time experiences. We also settled back into some very familiar ones such as Talk for Writing.

Talk for Writing is part of our literacy learning which helps us to use a chosen text that we call a model text to build an innovation of our own. It’s a bit like using a scaffold to create something new. Learning the model text, we begin to see its structure and draw a story map to trace the flow and events.

So far in Term 1, we have been learning and innovating the well-known folk story of Little Red Riding Hood.

It’s been a hoot dressing up and acting out the story and retelling it with stick puppets.

To help us have a better understanding of the storyline, we worked together in small groups to recreate one event which occurred in the Model Text. Each of our groups used small loose parts, our imagination and creativity to build a 3D scene of that event.

We had to think what was needed in the scene, what we would use to recreate it and a whole lot of collaboration to brain banking ideas. When we were finished with incorporating as many elements as possible of our scene, we used our 3D worlds to retell our part of the model text.

Not only was it a lot of fun, but it also really helped us to memorise the actual storyline of our Model Text.

The next step was for each of our groups to create our own story version, innovating, substituting, and adding to the original Model Text of Little Red Riding Hood.

We created stories with a polar bear and even tigers instead of a wolf, and with rangers and zookeepers instead of woodchoppers, and main characters such as Little Bobby Blue instead of Little Red Riding Hood.

Mrs T said we did such a great job, she can’t wait to see what each of us will innovate when we write our own folk stories, and neither can we!

Students were asked, “What has been the best part of doing Little Red Riding Hood in Talk for Writing?”

This is their responses:

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