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Hands-on 3D Maths Activities with Year 3/4

Year 3-4 3D Maths 2017

Nothing brings a Maths lesson to life more than when you get to try out some things with your hands. Recently, the Year 3/4 class did just that as they investigated the beauty, fun and complexity of 3D shapes!

“In class, we have been learning about different 3D objects. We did 4 different activities about making and drawing 3D objects. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it” – Isaac

“Cindy and I made a cube with pipe cleaners and straws. We cut straws and slid them on the pipe cleaner and twisted it into a 3D cube. It was fun. Jacob and Sarai made a pyramid too” – Claris

“The activity I liked the best was drawing different types of 3D prisms, cylinders and a cone. I really enjoy drawing” – Owen

“I enjoyed drawing 3D shapes and building 3D objects because it was sort of challenging and because it was a creative Maths lesson. Did you know that two square-based pyramids joined together make an octahedron?” – Tim

“I made a pentagonal prism and another object that was a cube with a triangular prism joined on” – Wesley

“My favourite thing about 3D shapes was when we made the cube bubble wand. It made an hour glass shape when all 6 sides were covered with bubble mixture. When we blew the bubbles, it didn’t make cube bubbles, but sphere bubbles. It was awesome!” – Shem

“I learnt about 3D objects and how to draw and make them” – Zara

“I learnt that 3D shapes are obviously not flat. We made 3D shapes and mixed them with a bubble mixture and inside there was a cube. It was really fun!” – Isabella

“Isaac and I made a bubble cube out of straws and pipe cleaners. It was so cool and I made a huge bubble. Shem and Catherine blew a bubble in my face – it was hilarious! I learnt how to draw a 3D shape called a prism” – Valerie

“When we made objects, I made a cube with a pyramid on top; it looked like a house” – Joyce

“I chose a card and made the model in the picture out of connecting cubes. It was a bit tricky” – Chris

“It was fun making 3D objects. I made 2 pentagonal prisms joined together” – Catherine

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