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Grow! Grow! Grow!


This Term, students in Wilson Year 4 have been coming to school with great anticipation. Who would have thought a tiny bean could cause so much excitement?

Students are learning the basics of orderly, scientific study – how to conduct a fair test, and what variables are. From Week 3, students have cared for and looked after a bean. Some beans have grown very well. Some beans have not even cracked from their shell.

As scientists, we understand that, to investigate God’s wonderful world, we need to be observant and by consistent discussions, form conclusions that will glorify God.

It has been exciting to have the opportunity to look at a tree trunk and discover how old it is. With magnifying glasses in hand, students went to work examining how old the trunk was. It surprised some that the life of this tree was the same as our school-   fifty years old. One student concluded that it must have been planted when the school was planted.

I wonder what will happen when we put celery sticks in coloured water?

Mrs K Rajanayagam

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