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Future Australia: A Godly Approach

The Year 10 English Stream 1 class has been considering groups represented in contemporary Australian culture. We have discussed reasons for stereotypes and how these can damage our appreciation of others.

The following statements are taken from students’ short answer responses to the question of how, in future, Australia might be a more Godly culture.

“God made each person to be different, so when we base our opinion of people based on popular stereotypes, we are saying that those people are no longer unique and made by God to be special. I believe that appreciating and respecting the diversity of other people allows Australians to be more open and understanding of one another – and appreciate the unique aspects God has given us.” – Joshua

“Be grateful and thankful for everything you have, because you recognise how privileged we are in Australia.” – Peace

“In our society, everyone has the right to live. We should give thanks to older people for their contribution to Australia. We should treat everyone respectfully. We need to treat all people as friends.” – Belinda

“Ultimately change has to start with you and me. We cannot try to change someone else’s beliefs or ways of thinking. I need to be a better role model who is conscious of how my actions can affect others. If we all think that way, change will occur.” – Jack

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