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Funky Socks and Raising Funds for Teen Challenge

The students came together and raised a large sum to donate to Teen Challenge.

On Thursday 3 May, the College displayed its community-based spirit in coming together to raise money and awareness for Teen Challenge

Secondary students came to school in their personal attire, while rocking a pair of funky socks. All different shapes, colours and sizes of socks were on display. Some students showed up in their sparkling glitter-sequenced socks, and others in their thigh-high soccer socks.

At the end of the day, a large sum of $673.70 was raised for Teen Challenge, an organisation that seeks to aid teenagers and young adults particularly in the struggles of addictions.

Usually, the Year 11 and 12 students would embark to the city, be sent out in pairs, and collect money from the general public. The money raised can then be given to Teen Challenge at the Year 11 and 12 Ball later in the year. 

As has so often been the case lately, uncertainty arose around our ability to conduct the excursion to the city this year, and unfortunately it had to be cancelled.

To ensure the College could continue giving to Teen Challenge, we decided to donate the proceedings from Mission Support Day to the Teen Challenge Foundation instead.

The students took to this idea with great excitement as groups of the Year 12 students were sent out to inform the younger years of the purpose of Teen Challenge on the Wednesday prior to Mission Support Day.

The aim of this was to encourage students to be generous in their giving, and to consider which gold coin (or coins/notes) they would want to give towards Teen Challenge. 

The students came together and raised a large sum to donate to Teen Challenge. We trust God will use it to bless and benefit His kingdom greatly.

Overall, the College would like to thank all the students and teachers for getting behind a beneficial cause and giving their money, time and efforts to Teen Challenge.

God bless,
Mission Team

Photo via Unsplash

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