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A Full Day of “Down to Earth” Fun

On Friday 5 April, the Wilson Year 3 and Year 3/4 classes went to the Earth Day Expo at Canning River Eco Education Centre. More than 550 students from different schools around Perth attended this event.

Earth Day is celebrated by more than 200 countries around the world. It was a day that reminded us that we are stewards of God’s world and need to take responsibility for what we use and how we use it. It was a day to think of the environmental challenges we face and how we might solve them.

Here are some of our highlights from the day:

“My favourite part of the day was a visit to the Armadale Reptile Centre display. I learnt that the Inland Taipan is the most venomous snake in Australia, but it is not dangerous to people” – Gabriel L

“The most interesting thing was when the lady from the Water Corporation told us about her favourite sea creature, which was a Cuttlefish. When it needs to hide it can change colour. Not only that, it can even change the texture of its skin! Another interesting animal she told us about was a Port Jackson Shark. Every time the mother lays an egg, she puts it in her mouth, finds a nice spot for her egg and screws it into the ground because the egg is a spiral shape. Then it takes one year to hatch” – Juho I

“I really enjoyed touching the reptiles from the Armadale Reptile Centre. I also liked the Captain Clean-up Show. I learnt that LED lights only release 1 kilogram of Green House gas in 4 days” – Jeremy L

“My favourite activity on the excursion was when we went to the Water Corporation. We looked in a microscope and saw lots of things that were so close, they looked like something else! I also saw a rock and with the microscope it looked like a small meteor” – Kenneth T

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