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From the Garden to the Kitchen

Exploring, building, getting dirty, teamwork, growing our learning …and some plants along the way, have been the focus for some of our classes.

Together, students from the Years 1, 2 and 4 classes have constructed the Vegepod, planted seeds and seedlings, pruned, harvested, mulched, composted and started worm-farming.

The discovery of what it means to sweat and toil to produce food has become a real concept. We have watched as our seeds have sprouted into life.

We’ve started to realise how amazing God has made our gardens and the need to nurture it to produce food that feeds us. We’ve talked about the elements present in our garden and how we can care for the Earth as we’ve toiled away. The ability to delight in observing the insects and the fruit growing in the garden has been a highlight in our learning. 

Our Vegepod construction was a labour of love. Instructions were read and YouTube instruction clips watched. Step by step, each student did their bit in the construction process. Students who had spent time with their families, putting together Ikea furniture, were at an advantage!

Now, the Vegepod is filled with veggies and herbs. We had our first harvest of salad greens just as Term 1 was ending. Our next harvest will be a rainbow chard. This week, cabbages were planted.

Moving into the kitchen, students have begun to learn how to wash and dry the dishes, chop fruit and vegetables, bake ANZAC biscuits and make delicious salads and dips! Learning how to chop using real knives and eating what we have grown and prepared has truly been exciting!

Parents and grandparents have been helping with many of our activities. This has been a great way for us to partner with families in learning experiences and building community. Please feel free to pop your name on the roster to join in!

What’s next?

The next stage of our Kitchen Garden programme will be the construction and development of our fruit and vegetable patch. Expect some invites to busy bees in the next few months!

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