Freedom Day: Christ Has Truly Set Us Free

On Monday 24 June, the Year 3 and Year 4 students from our Kenwick and Wilson campuses came together to explore and learn about freedom, based on the verse from Galatians 5:1:

"So Christ has truly set us free. Now make sure that you stay free, and don't get tied up again in slavery to the law" (NLT)

Freedom Day complemented and concluded our term devotion focus, where the students had been learning about resilience, working independently, showing initiative, being self-aware and expressing emotions appropriately within the context of their faith and identity in Christ.

As students moved through different rotations, they were able to create, express, reflect, play and celebrate the freedom we have in Christ, which is very different and so much better than the world’s definition of freedom.

“The highlight of the day was playing the Freedom Games and singing ‘Voices of Freedom’. I think because Jesus rose again from the dead and took our sins away, we can be free” – Dayna (Year 3/4)

“Being free in Christ means following his commands and choosing to life for Him. My favourite activity was the Freedom Fighter Game and being blindfolded” – Denzel (Year 3/4)

“The meaning of Freedom Day was to learn about freedom in Christ and how to get rid of burdens. We learnt we just have to ask God for forgiveness and he will take our burdens away from us” – Angelina (Year 4)

“My favourite activity on Freedom Day was dodge ball because it was a fun game, even though I kept on getting hit! The meaning of Freedom Day was to break out of our burdens and enjoy freedom in Christ” – Christian (Year 4)

“The best part of Freedom Day was when Andy taught us that we get to give everything that weighs us down to God and then we can have freedom” – Liam (Year 3)

“I liked decorating feathers and having my ankles tied up. I think Freedom in Christ means that we get to do whatever Jesus wants us to do!” – Katie (Year 3)

“My favourite part was when I was blindfolded. That taught me that with burdens you can’t do as many things. I also liked quiet with Mr. Hunter, because it got me to slow down and think” – Melanie (Year 4/5)

“My favourite bit was when Mr Hunter told us a funny story about when he ate too much ice cream and threw up. I also liked it when the Kenwick students came over to Wilson to do Freedom Day with us” – Noah (Year 4/5)


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