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Food, Glorious Food

The Year 4/5 class has been learning about healthy eating. We celebrated life by investigating the tastiness of a range of vegetables that God has provided for us to fuel our bodies.

After giving each vegetable a rating based on whether we were willing to taste and eat them, we worked together to prepare a vegetable tasting for the Year 2 Blue class.

We practised hospitality by following hygiene and safety practices in the kitchen when preparing the vegetables.

We also integrated our Media Arts unit about persuasive advertising by creating our own poster to accompany the vegetable tasting.

We would like to think that it was our superior culinary skills or the persuasive power of our advertisements that resulted in the Year 2 class being so much more adventurous than we were when it came to eating the vegetables. 

After applying our Mathematics skills to record our results in a table and interpret our findings, groups of students selected one vegetable and imagined innovations by preparing it in a new way or cooking it with other ingredients, keeping the vegetable as the ‘hero’ of the dish.

The Year 2 Blue class was then invited back to taste our creations.

Our final task was to reflect on what we had learned and the results of our investigation.
Here are some comments from students: 

The deep hope for this series of activities was that students would respond to God with praise for the provision of healthy food for us to live, and that they would serve others gladly in preparing nutritious food for others. Our thanks goes to the Year 2 Blue students and teachers for being willing participants in our food technology lessons and also to Mrs Tshuma and Mrs Farr who assisted us on the cooking day!

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