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“Flourish” Arts Festival 2016


 Arts Fest 2016 Yarn 1 Arts Fest 2016 Yarn 2

Did you get along to the Rehoboth Arts Festival this year? I hope you managed to catch a glimpse of the colourful Year 7 and 8 Yarn Bombing and Sculpture Tree!! Have a look at some of this year’s highlights captured by Mrs van Wyk!

Arts Fest 2016 Circus 1 Arts Fest 2016 Circus 2

Each year the Arts Festival celebrates the many creative talents found at Rehoboth, and this year we commenced with a wonderful lunchtime circus performance by Mr and Mrs Stewart, who were ably assisted by Mr Philips. We can’t wait to take Mr Phillips to Leonora with us to discover more of his amazing circus tricks! Our students worked hard throughout the week, with outstanding musical performances by the Senior and Junior Worship Bands, Year 8 drumming classes as well as the Year 9 Ukulele students.

Tuesday featured the International Assembly. This included lots of musical items as part of the program, and it was encouraging to see all the trophies and awards that students received as part of the Assembly. There were awards presented for the Language Perfect Competition, the Social Sciences Championships, the Geography and History Competitions, the Athletics Carnival Champions, and the Chess Tournament.

Mrs Crittenden and Mr Stirling officially opened the Art Exhibition on the Wednesday and reminded us of the festival theme of “Flourish”, based on our 50th anniversary theme. “Flourish” was showcased by some outstanding artworks by our Year 11 students who created some beautiful panels to represent the six Indigenous seasons, as well as some outstanding contributions from the Primary School students. Special thanks to the Kindy and Year 7 students and their teachers, for their unique contributions to the annual Art Exhibition.

A special feature of our Arts Festival this year was the contribution made by Miss Gibb, a former Rehoboth student who is completing Certificate 1V in Visual Arts at Central TAFE. Miss Gibb has always had a keen interest in Art and has volunteered her time to collaborate with students in their art classes, as well as coordinating a Yarn Bombing group which meet each Wednesday throughout the Term. Students were encouraged to come along to learn the art of crocheting or knitting, and quickly discovered that working together developing a new skill is not only a great way to spend a cold wintery lunch time with hot chocolate, but also a very therapeutic part of their week. Thank you to all our Yarn Bombers and especially to Grace Williams, Eve Gibbon and Darcy Terpstra for putting together the Yarn bombing tree!

The week concluded with a lunch time Open Mic session with the Year 10 Music class and the amazingly talented Tenielle Neda, who was our guest artist, providing the perfect backdrop for the annual Rehoboth Street Food celebration.

The Arts Festival is a wonderful opportunity for us to collaborate with many talented and creative performers and artists throughout the College community. We are not all creative in the same way – some of us are ideas people, some of us are developers who can turn ideas into a workable solution, and then some of us are people who just make things happen! Thank you to all of the staff and students who just made this week happen through their contributions. You make Rehoboth a great community to be a part of and our prayer is that through your contributions God will enable our Arts community to continue to flourish.

Mrs Howard

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